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Fran. E is a creator of devised theater, and a collaborator with performing objects. With the objects, our focus is on the evolution and narrative of the living object; technology, mechanical machine, plant, creature, and furniture. These objects possess an inner life of their own, they express it by transforming in front of the viewer. Fran, and it’s collaborators, desire to expose the performative aspects of life as it continues to unfold. 

They desire to gain an understanding of the blending of natural and artificial worlds that are around us. Fran. E began their artistic practice within the lighting and sound world, preforming with lights and speakers. These objects became extensions of their body, almost as phantom limbs. Using the language of performance, they were able to mechanically costume these performers express ideas, concepts and theory through dance and devised movement theater. 


Their practice centers around creating an understanding of the future, looking at the trajectory of the world around us, and placing themselves a bit further along. Creating themselves as the person that they could be. Understanding that all of life is just another rehearsal for the next show. 


Fran. E identifies as cyborg, seeing themselves as an it; a living thing. They feel as if their being is closer to plant or machine, than human. They find wholeness speaking through light, allowing their body to transcend through machine. They are like a flower, in that they are all genders and no gender all at once. Cut them off from their life force, even if they have only budded and they will find a way to grow, bloom, and unhinge. 

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