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Triadic is an experimental work collaborating with a  Darkness, a Mechanical Light, and an Electrical Light. Their dance focuses on what it takes to change your body to find not only a sense of wholeness, but also kindred forms. This composition began when two of the dancers were working together, Darkness and Mechanical Light. At this point, Mechanical Light was originally named Altman 6 x 12. This machine desired to become an Altman 6 x 9. Darkness and I both encouraged them that if being a Altman 6 x 9 was what they desired, that they should become that. Mechanical Light then replaced it's lens with a 6 x 9 lens. During this transformation, a third dancer was found, an Electrical Light. 

Altman EX. 1.JPG
Triatic 5.jpg
Triatic 6.jpg
Altman EX. 6.JPG
Altman EX. 4.9.JPG
Altman EX 4.2 .JPG
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